Franks wife was out shopping with her friends when they made a confession to her. They told her that her husband recently tried to have sex with the two girls. When Frank's wife Michelle got home she was fuming mad. He tried to deny he did anything wrong, but Michelle's friends told her the entire story in front of him, and he had nothing to say. She was pissed off and decided the only way to get revenge was to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

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She pulled out a strapon dildo, and with the help of her two best friends they gave him a deep strapon fucking he would never forget. After his ass was nice and sore, she said the two girls could release his sexual tension. Controlling his cock, the two girls slowly jerked him nice and slowly and right as he was about to experience an intense orgasm, they abruptly stopped. Giving him a horrible case of blue balls, and a very painful unsatisfying release.