Steve was at a club with his friend hitting on a cute girl when she interrupted him to go to the bathroom. Steve decided to follow her in, and peek over the stall while she was using the bathroom. He climbed up on the toilet on the stall next to her and looked over. While he was peeking over the stall, 2 other girls came into the bathroom and caught the peeping pervert in action! The club girls decided they were going to teach this pervert a lesson. They seductively told him to strip off his clothing. At first he was a little hesitant, but agreed thinking he was about to have a threesome. Once his clothing came off, the punishment began.

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The girls turned him around and spanked him nice and hard. Then they took turns sitting on his face promising him they would jerk him off. The 3 girls then started the ultimate cock torture. While stroking his cock, the other girls took turns slapping his cock, and squeezing his balls hard. Finally when he couldn't take it any more and told the girls he was about to cum, they all stopped the jerking turning his handjob into the ultimate tease and denial. Finally after he was built up long enough and ready to explode the girls let go of his cock. Instead of cumming to an amazing handjob they left him standing there with his cock dripping out cum, and a completely ruined experience.