Mike visited the local massage parlor because one of his friends told him that it was the best place in town for a happy ending. While he was getting massaged her reached up and grabbed the ass of his sexy blonde masseuse. The girl stopped him, and questioned what he was doing. He told the girl he heard they gave amazing happy ending massages, and wanted to know how much they cost. The girl said to hold on while she went out and got her manager who came in to talk to him. The manager told the guy that this was a legit massage parlor and they don't give those kinds of massages here. He was a little upset, and the manager and masseuse were offended that he would make such assumptions that the girls would give handjobs. They decided since he wanted a happy ending they were going to give him an ending...but it wasn't going to be happy!

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First the girls wanted to see what his cock looked like so they pulled down her boxers and made fun of his small cock. He was so embarrassed that these hot dressed girls were examining his cock so up close. They took off his boxers and one of the girls climbed up onto the table pushing her firm breasts against his face while the other girls started rubbing on his cock. The masseuse reminded one of the girls that he grabbed her ass so he must have a thing for asses. The masseuse had something in store for him! She climbed onto the table and shoved her ass onto his face giving him a really good face sitting smothering him to the point he could barely breathe. The girls then hand him stand up and continue stroking his cock until he was ready to cum. He told the girls he was about to cum, and they just stopped abruptly causing the cum to just trickle out of his cock rather than the forceful orgasm he thought he was about to have. His happy ending turned into a very discomforting ending!