Kristen has been complaining to her boss that their co-worker James was sexually harassing her. The boss decided to install a hidden camera to watch her so they could catch him in action. Sure enough the next day they caught him massaging Kristen, and even feeling up her breasts while she tried to push him away.

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The bosses walked in and decided they needed to teach him a lesson. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed to listen to what they said. They made him strip off his clothing and stand in front of the 3 girls naked. He was completely embarrassed, but knew it was only going to get worse. Next they told him to lay on the desk. As he was laying on the table the girls took turns sitting on his face rubbing their ass all over him.

They then had him stand up and decided to give him what he wanted! They started playing with his cock, and even took turns sucking it. Right when he was about to have the most powerful orgasm they stopped. He couldn't believe they would ruin it like that for him. Watch as his powerful orgasm turns into a slight ruined cum dribble!