After lacrosse practice, a few of the team members went back to their locker room to change. As they were walking into the locker room they caught their teacher going through their lockers. The girls couldn't believe their teacher was smelling their panties! He was completely embarrassed and humiliated he was caught, but it was only going to get worse for him.
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He had a huge crush on Lisa, and they knew they had the upper hand over him. They said they were going to tell the principal, and he knew if they did he would lose his job. But the girls had a better idea in mind for this horny pervert. They took out a jump rope and tied up his hand. Lisa said to him, if you want to smell my panties you should be able to smell the real thing!
They put him down on the bench and she climbed onto the bench putting his bare ass on his face. The girls then took turns face sitting on him while playing and teasing his cock. He was totally humiliated, but couldn't keep himself from getting a hard on. It was his dream to be able to fool around with these girls, but this was not what he hand in mind. It only got worse from there, because right as he was about to cum, they had something special planned for him!