Sam was shopping for his girlfriend when he saw an amazing pair of panties he knew his girlfriend would love. He decided to steal them so he wouldn't have to pay. Unfortunately for him one of the girls saw him put them in his pocket and confronted him with the store managers. They were going to call the police, but he begged them to reconsider. The decided the only way for this guy to learn his lesson would be complete humiliation.
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The took his clothing off and were shocked to see he was in good shape. The girls thought it would be fun to torture him a little bit. They took turns holding him down while the other girl sat on his face smothering him nice and deep. They could tell he was enjoying it so they wanted to see how far they could push the limit with him. One of the store workers decided to rub his cock all over her panties and could feel him getting hard. She pulled away her panties allowing him to stick the tip of his cock in her dripping wet pussy.

They then had her get on her hands and knees and forced him to lick her asshole promising him that once he licked it good he would be able to fuck her! The two girls held her arms while they control how deep he got to fuck her. Finally when he was ready to cum, they completely ruined it for him. As the cum was coming up, they stopped causing the powerful orgasm to be minimized to a slow spurt causing him intense discomfort. After ruining his would be orgasm, they took turns rubbing and teasing his sore sensitive cock!