Larry was in court for his sexual harassment case. He was in front of Judge Ms. Law who was known for running her court a little different than other Judges. Larry pled innocent, until secret surveillance footage was shown proving he was guilty. After the footage was aired for the court, he was immediately found guilty.

Instead of going to jail though, his punishment was going to take place right in the court room! The Judge ordered him to be stripped of his dignity, and his clothing! Once he was stripped the judge told the plaintiff that she was the one who was going to do the punishment. She was a little reluctant at first, but agreed when the judge ordered her to spank him. After spanking Larry nice and hard, the Judge ordered that the lawyer and plaintiff to give him a face sitting.

After sitting on his face until he almost passed out, they ordered him to be masturbated in front of the courtroom. The Judge and officer held his arms down while they stroked his cock. He thought this was a great punishment until he was about to cum. The Judge ordered that the girls ruin his orgasm and not let him cum with pleasure. The girls agreed and right as he was about to blow his load, they stopped the stroking letting the cum slowly seep out rather than exploding with pleasure.